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We are here when you need us.




The All Creatures Country Club is nestled in the middle of 13 wooded acres just outside the town of Mandeville, Louisiana in the peaceful pine forests of St. Tammany Parish, located across from Lake Ponchartrain from New Orleans.


Our facility was designed and built expressly to care for the family pet in the owner’s absence. All of our accommodations are climate controlled, spacious, private and clean.



Whether it’s a vacation, business trip or an unexpected emergency, you can depart with complete peace of mind, knowing that your pet will be safe and well-cared for until you return.



In addition to dogs and cats, we board birds, small mammals, reptiles and pot belly pigs. We are willing to board anything that we feel we can provide a safe and comfortable environment for.


Regardless of their species, our guests all share one common trait… they are usually considered to be family members by their owners. As such, they are used to a high degree of social contact and interaction.  We do our best to supply this “human touch” while they are with us.



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23098 Hwy. 1088

Mandeville, LA 70448

Text Box: PLEASE NOTE: Space is limited and can be very much in demand during peak periods. For that reason, we require a $50 boarding reservation deposit. We do not accept tentative or conditional reservations. Cancellations must be made AT LEAST 7 DAYS PRIOR to your scheduled date of arrival to receive a full refund.



Please see Hurricane Release Form


If you have to evacuate due to the threat of an

approaching hurricane, and can’t take your pets, All Creatures is here to help. Our facility is located on high ground with no threat of flooding. The owners, who live on the premises, stayed and cared for over 75 pets during Hurricane Katrina.


We do require that your pet be in good physical health when entering the facility due to a hurricane evacuation. Because of the possibility of loss of electrical power, medical accessibility and phone service, we are unable to take in physically impaired or aged pets that require special care. This includes diabetic animals or pets with severe heart conditions.

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